Stem engineering

at bambooJaya
at Dongkor public school
at Chhbar Ampov public school
achievements from the bamboo jaya school


It is a very unique exploration. We research about it, we share it, we do it and we achieve it. In the first to third week or so, we studied about different types of engineering. I really like medical engineering, because i love saving people’s life. After this lesson, we learn about 6 different types of simple machine. I don’t know about all these before i learn this. Well, i know few, but not all. All of them are really important for my works in life. I just realized that, everything that we use to help our works, require those simple machine! Next lesson is, designing process. It does not mean that, we can only use it use it for engineering, but everything needs that. Even writing, creating a products and more. On the other hand, this is not it. Our exploration goal is to get Cambodian kids in public school engage in stem projects. We find a projects that we want to make, and then do it as a Cambodian friendly. Which means, all the material must be easy to find in Cambodia. After we know exactly what we are going to do, we go out into different schools and then teach them how to do our project. We also get some feedback from them, so we could make changes to our instruct-able. My team create a slingshot car, because it is a toy so, the kids will be interested in it. We really want to kid to engage in some creative activity, so we decide to challenge them to, design their car by them self. They really enjoy the projects, and i’m so glad that they all show their ingenuity for the cars and appreciation towards us that we go and teach them something new. For me, I really want to do this project again, because it really help the kids to relax and give them some more fun time as well as improving their creativity. They can even use this car to compete each other, like a race in their free time. So, the best part is, it is easy to make, and easy to play. If you want to see our instruct able, you can see it under my text. I wrote it both in Khmer and English so, Cambodian can see it and follow it easily.

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