Khmer Is My Language & Culture

In the beginning of the round, I felt really fresh since we got to learn a new lesson which I’ve never learn before. The lesson is writing Essay in Khmer. It takes a very long time to write. However, under our facilitator motivation and and inspiring words, I push myself hard to accomplish it. The essay is basically about different famous quotes in Khmer that are really useful and meaningful towards Cambodian.

In the next few weeks, we started to organize an event called, Khmer literature festival. We started give each one of the students some role to do. Some are the presenter, organizer, MC, audiences, debating members, performers, dancer and models. I personally really impressed towards the achievements. It is tough and first, but we can come to a successful point because of our 6 core values. Even I was not there on the event day, because of another trip, I feel i’m actually participating. Why? Well, cause I’ve done something to help!

In the event, we showcasing our Literature that are the mementos from our ancestors and how beautiful is our culture.check out some of the activities that we’ve done:

“these are some of our cloth model from one of the era called, Kingdom of Cambodia”
“one of our stage design”
“our student, Ena in her French colonize Era’s outfit” Credit: Kuychan You & Ena Im

“US embassy “
“student dressing up in Khmer traditional dance uniform and dance to Khmer traditional songs “
“student from different Places in the capital city to join out event”
“we also have students talking a MCs”
“our director with our Cohort 1 dressing up in Traditional cloth from Angkor Empire”
“all of the students dressed up in many different cloth to show our culture”
“our facilitator giving speeches to open the ceremony”
” this is an idea of how they line up “
“this is one of the beautiful pose in the dance”

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