Acting or Videography

Well, I love both! I love acting since I was young and I love taking pictures or videos since I started my secondary school.  I thought these two subjects have a very good combination. That’s why I choose to learn both. Now, it is my chance to learn and dig deep into it. We only got 7 weeks to learn both of the subjects, but it’s every meaningful to me. It’s like the most valuable course in my life. I emphasize this as much as I do to myself. Alright, let’s get back to the topic.

We got some tips for acting, such as:

  • Warm up activities
  • How to memorize the script
  • Breaking the fourth wall ( interacting with audience)
  • Acting method
  • Handle the mistakes on stage
  • How to be professional on stage
  • Last but not least, face expression!!

Those sounds easy to me at first, but when it comes to real learning process, it quite hard. I got to work with an actress from Hollywood, which is even more amazing. I love how she interact with us and how she guide us through the whole weeks too. I felt confident in acting in front a lot of people now, so I guess I’ll be fine in the next show.

On the other hand, i learn a lot of stuff from Aviv Rubinstien. He taught me about editing video professionally on premiere pro, writing screenplay on fade in, shooting video in different camera angle, lighting for shooting, production design and more. After he taught everything, he assign some works to do. I did photo Roman ( like below). I wrote a screenplay, that i selected to be the top 3 in class, but unfortunately, voted for top one, I did not make it. But it’s okay! I am happy, because I do my best.

For the screenplay that was selected, we all got 1 week to shoot the film and edit it. It was tough, because we have a short time to finish. I am the main character, so I spent the whole three days just for shooting, which is very tired, but fun at the same time. Everything went gracefully. We have the cinematographer, producer, director, actors, production designer, asst 1, asst 2, camera asst, sound people, editor, and slat holder! It was such an amazing experience. I feel like I am actually working with real professional film maker. They are doing their great job! Me too, i guess….

*i’ll put the link once it’s posted

Acting Begin! CR: Kuychan You
Behind the scene CR: Kuychan You
the last scene CR: Kuychan You
our crews CR: Kuychan You

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