I’m Possible for Change

Life is very meaningful to me. It gives me thoughts, challenges, and experience through projects and my ambitions. I am one of those people who are crazy enough to dedicate herself  to changing her own countries. Since I am interested in many different subjects, i’ll designate myself to use my own passion to change the country. By doing this, it will help to fulfill my dream.

I used to be one of those who are more likely to be an introvert and do not like to be involved in any new activities. However, in the past few years, I’ve been really interested in music, art and some new activity that I discovered some interesting facts. I really want to share it, so anyone can learn and understand more about those listed below: 

The first priority is surely an experience that I’ve done throughout the year. It is a daunting task  to remember all of the little information from the project, but I believe I can do it. As some of you might know, there aren’t a lot of  STEM ( science, Technology, Engineering, Math) involved in any school projects around Cambodia. That’s why I really want to emphasize STEM engineering and spread it around Cambodia. The current exploration that I’ve been involved, is a good way to get Cambodian’s hand on making different Engineering products. Students can be creative and learn to have good collaboration from doing this. On the other hand,  you might have been curious why STEM engineering is good for education. From my understanding, it is very significant to have it, since we can build or create a new invention. Moreover, engineering is a type of subject for us to find a problem and solve it using STEM, so if there are a lot of participants/contestant joining us, problems that are exist could be a small deal in the future. 

One project is not enough for changing  such a big area. After so many thoughts, I’ve decided to dig into photography and videography as my second plan to change. It is really a pleasure to film a really good movie that everyone around the world can take a look.  We can always play around with filming, like the editing and transitioning. This is the reason why I could have the students give some of their ingenuity and put their passion into it. There is another project called, travelling theatre. I can provide the filming through it and when It  travel, it will give the audience delighted emotion after their show. Can’t you imagine how joyful the audience are? 

Actually, if we were meant to travel, how about we do another project at the same time? I also believe in a project that has many advantages at once, which is called: 

LMRT!! ( Liger Marine Research Team)

Well, it does not sound that overwhelming. Even if I just joined the project for a short time, but I am convinced to use it for changing  my country. Eventually, this will help to save the marine life and many ocean related. We can go and do conservation in many different places as we travel! Besides that, we also have trash picking too! If we do it often, it will polish the whole beach. After all the long process of protecting, cleaning, and planning, what’s the benefit? Actually, what I meant is it will become a good tourist attraction region. Our tourism will grow more and more each year!

As one of my other ambitions not passion is music and arts. Even if it is really common is real life already, but do not underestimate it. I might make something DIFFERENT. On the other hand, this subject is really arduous to complete. Sometimes i am really obnoxious for learning to dance and sing including organize my group’s project 

( music project), but guess what? I will never give up. School works are all around and it is the first priority, I’m confident that it will not be affected by my ambitions. I’ll use both of them for CHANGE!

*in order to give myself motivation, I often use this affirmation that I’ve created. You can use it too, if you want:

Today is an unsurpassable day, 

I believe in myself;

even if my back hurts in order to let my wings sprout.

If i can’t fly, I’ll run.

If i can’t run, I’ll walk.

If I can’t walk, i’ll crawl, but I will not give up. 

today i must survive.

I still believe, even though it’s unbelievable:

today, I’ll focus, motivate, love, appreciate others and​

I’ll never trapped in someone else’s dream

Because, I Have The Power To Change

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