Algebra [Linear Equation]

This round, we learn about linear equations. We normally learn the lesson half of the class and then take advantage of the time that are left to practice in Khan Academy. Our facilitator does not like to give homework, so there aren’t any daily assessment. However, we need to do a weekly homework in Khan academy. Basically, we finish the exercise in the Algebra 1 [linear equation] and then show our facilitator the level that we got throughout the week. If there is any question about the problems we did, students should send the screenshot to our math facilitator and he will clarify and review it the next time we’re in class. Although I’m not so good at math, I still get help from my classmate which help motivate me to keep doing math. Sometimes, I felt complicated, but I’m glad that I can at least understand the concept of the lesson. I believe I did pay good attention in class by taking notes and ask questions. 

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