Stop giving money to beggars



“A beggar will always be a beggar even if they give him the whole world as a gift”-Persian Proverb.  

A beggar is a typical person who survives by asking for money. As the Persian Proverb states, the beggar will always beg even if you give him the whole world. Have you ever found yourself in a situation with a beggar? How did it make you feel? There are an average of 1000 people begging for money in each country of Southeast Asia. Some beggars are even from neighboring countries. Meanwhile, there are countries that have a lot of beggars problem and another country is not.  In some countries, it is even illegal. Have you ever wondered why? Take Russia as an example, most beggars are addicted to drugs. Another country as China and countries around the world, has at least one beggar who uses the money that they receive on alcohol and drugs. However, Japan and Singapore are not having this problem. Even though giving money to beggars is known as a charity for homeless people, we should ban these actions. If we keep giving money to beggars, crisis action will begin. This enables their potential, they will become more pitiful, and they will get more discrimination from people surrounding them.

Creativity are everywhere. We can use them when we practice every time.  However, if we don’t let a specific person do so, they will not have any new ideas to survive in their daily life. It does work the same compare to beggars. They sit and ask more money everyday. No one would want to hire them to do something, and that’s the reasons why they don’t have any potential and ideas. According to the BBC news from London-based homeless charity, on of the man said “Handing over money to beggars, can have fatal consequences”-Thames Reach. He stated this, because his observations are sure. Not only, beggars used the money on drug habits, but also the drug habits are really addicted to substances such as crack cocaine and heroin. Obviously, the situation are getting worse and worse because of this. It also bring death a lot in 2016 at London. Besides that, there is a good example that we all should do. Taking Jerry and Thames Reach as an example. Jerry used to be a beggars for a long time ago. Along with this,he had never felt so happy. Moreover, he always felt that he want to die, because he had no idea how to use the money in the right way. Other than this, he also used to be in a drug habit. Fortunately, he got help and support form Thames Reach, so he is out from the drug habit and clean from being a beggar. Absolutely, this action shows that helping them to have a better job is better than just keep giving them the money.

All of the people are the same, they will become pitiful once they always get what they want for no reasons. If we are not willing to solve this, we will just keep giving the currency that we find by our own to someone else. As the result, numbers of beggars are rising up unexpectedly by this reasons. However, it is kind and nice to give money to help people, but what if the person use the money into different ways. For instance, the BBC news says that the government of England had quoted, “For 2015 we found the number of rough sleepers on any one night in England has risen by almost 30% in the last year to 3, 569 beggars and homeless people” (pg. 1). This really show that once people always get the money to buy stuff they want by easy way, more of them will just come and try to spare for money. On the other hand, they might think that begging someone for their money is easy than go and find it by their own. Let’s look at my own experience. On 24 November during water festival, I have met a few young beggars. There are two of the them who came and ask me for money. One of them said “Can I have 100R please?” and the other one said “Can I have 500R please?”. Once I gave the money to those two boys, the other just come and do same thing to me. This really annoy me. However, I did give them something else. Guess what is is? I gave them some of the food that I bought from different stand that I’ve walked passed, so they can share with each other. Even so, they are still hungry tomorrow, but they get the food for today. They are kids, they can not just take the money and buy stuff by their own hand! Apart from this, let’s  imagine, if people give them food everyday, will they survive? Will they have chance to use the money for something else that are not useful? Absolutely not.

When one of the person have different living style from us, we always look at them differently. No matters, what the reason is. This, effect our social life. If there’s no one begging for money every day, then there will not be any discriminate against them. For instance, a beggar from BBC news in the 14 documentary stated “I feel people look down on me because of my situation” and “People have discriminated against me because of my situation.” – Jerry (p.2) .This statement is from one of the beggar that BBC had been interviewed. They got discriminate if people keep giving money to them. What if we start to give them opportunity. What if we start helping them to have a safer place to live. It is even better than just let them sit anywhere for money. In addition, people will just walk past them and make them feel bad for every situations that they meet. Obviously, discrimination means a lot to them. In the other hand, they also have heart, so if we want them to have more chances and stop being depressed, don’t give money to them, but do give something else.


As a conclusion, giving money to beggars should be ban are not a bad idea. This is not mean to make them or hungry or anything, but we are trying to make the community more organized. Here are some of the ways you can do to help practicing this action

  • Give the beggars food, water or clothes instead of money
  • Donate money to the beggars organization, so they could help to take care the beggar in the right way ( including the disability beggars and normal people)
  • Hire them to do something that they can do

I would feel very happy and grateful if we all do these above. I’m sure we can do it.


“ article, what should we shouldn’t give money to beggars. By cherry welson. BBC news. Publish date 28 september 2017”


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Indigenous community exploration

There is one main goal in our exploration.Our goal is to preserve and promote  including raising awareness for the indigenous groups, because we want the world to know about all of the indigenous community that exist in Cambodia. We are looking forward to achieve on making an indigenous book including the blog that we find out all of the information by our trip to Kampong Speu and Ratanakiri last month. Basically, there are more than 20 groups of indigenous community in Cambodia, but we only choose 5 of them. They are Tompoun, Souy, Jarai, Kreung and Kachok. The reason we choose these groups because of the time limit and they are accessible and have enough information for us to be able to ask. On the other hand, We have divided our team into many different categories to interview people, such as culture, believe, geography, food, items, languages, folklore, history and some more. We started to write all of the information down from week 4 so, it is pretty fast for us to check those with our facilitator. In fact, All of them needed to be checked the English and Khmer by our facilitator so, it will take a long time for finishing our goal, but We hope you will wait and see the results. However, some of the groups might have a lot of letters than photo because we did not get the chance to take photos for it. Just because of some of the culture and believe. if you want to know more, you can read more about it in your free time. There are a lot of interesting facts that you might surprised or teach you something new.  Here is the link to the blog that we create

*it have not completely finish, but on Souy categories, we are finished. We hope we will done all of them by the end of 2018

Fact/highlight about indigenous groups

Indigenous people don’t eat people meat or raw fish as we think, they actually have their cooking habit and creative ideas for foods too. We don’t have to be scared of them because they are really friendly and nice once we know how to communicate with them and make them feel comfortable talking to us. They are shy, so we need to speak carefully and make them talk to us back, so we will have all of the information that we want. That’s the tip.

Here are some of the fact or highlight for these groups:

  • Believe strong in animism and forest ( mostly Souy )
  • Female is the one who go and ask the male for marriage
  • Jarai still have problem with gender qualities  ( girl stay at home, girls don’t learn,… )
  • Jarai, Kachok don’t have any toilet in their house
  • Kachok have live in as a clan. In each house, they have at least 6 relative families that live together
  • On the funeral, they all buried the dead body.
  • Tampon call the head tribe people as the elders of the village


Advice from movies

In this round, we have been working on meaning of movies and Khmer theories. There are two of the movies that we had watched. Those are the educational movies and meaningful. After we watch, we summarized and Identify the advices that the movies had teach us. Each of the characters have their own teaching style. One of the recent movie is, Pailen rose ( កុលាបប៉ៃលិន ). We have identify the advice from the characters. Example, for the the main character, they teach us to be polite, helpful, friendly and work hard. Once we finish our movie, we had a reading contest. This was lead by our facilitator. We read Pailin rose stories and we divided the role as we want for the characters. The next day, we had reading contest for our khmer point, so everyone will just choose a book that they would like to read for their facilitator. I chose a khmer book called “ ព្រះវេសន្ត”. There are so many khmer vocabulary for me, so I need to write those down and check all of its meaning in Choun Nath dictionary after all. Beside, these activities, we  sometimes go back to our poem and correct the words carefully for the book. By the way, this round still a great round though. I would prefer doing these other than going to summarize so many things from the article.

These are the characters advice that they had teach us:


  • ខិតខំធ្វើការ
  • បន្ទាបខ្លួន
  • មិនធ្វើខ្លួនក្រអឺត​ក្រទម
  • ឧស្សាហ៍ព្យាយាម
  • ជួយយកអសារអ្នកដ៏ទៃ ដោយមិនគិតជានណារក្តី
  • ដឹងគុណអ្នកជុំវិញខ្លួន
  • មិនល្មើសសិទ្ធនារី
  • មិននិយាយខ្លាំងៗ ឬ​ មិនគួរសមទៅអ្នកដ៏ទៃ
  • ស្មោះត្រង់
  • អត់ធន់


  • ចិត្តល្អ
  • មិនឈ្នានីស
  • យកអលារអ្នកដ៏ទៃ
  • មិនរើសអើង
  • ជួយធ្វើការ
  • ជួយធុរៈ
  • ទន់ភ្លន់
  • មិនបៀតបៀនអ្នកជុំវិញខ្លួន ឬ អ្នកធ្វើបាបនាង


  • យកតែរួចខ្លួន
  • កុំយករបស់អ្នកដទៃ
  • កុំប្រព្រឹត្រ្តិអំពើខុសច្បាប់
  • កុំរើសអើងគេ
  • កុំយកតែមុខ
  • កុំរិកពេក
  • កុំមើលងាយគេពេក
  • កុំមើលងាយអ្នកក្រ
  • កុំជាព្រាននារី


  • មិនរើសអើងអ្នកក្រ
  • ប្រណៃអ្នកទីទល់
  • ចេះបែងចែកខុសត្រូវ
  • មិនប្រកាន់វណ្ណះ
  • មិនកាន់ជើងអ្នកមាន
  • ចែកចំលែកគំនិតទៅអញនកដ៏ទៃ
  • មិនធ្វើបានកម្មករ
  • ចេះអត់ធន់
  • ចេះស្វាគមន៍

Chemical bonding

A large topic in this term that I’ve learned is about chemical bonding. Chemical bonding are so important for the elements to be stable for creating new matters. There are three types of chemical bonding. They are considered as, covalent bonding, ionic bonding and metallic bonding.

Covalent bond. Covalent bond occurs when two of the nonmetal elements share electrons equally to be stable. There are three types of covalent bond which are single bond, double bond and triple bond. Single bond only share one electron  each. As an example of Hydrogen and Hydrogen. They both share one electron to have 2 complete inner shell electron. The double bond, they share two electron each. As an example of Oxygen and Oxygen. They each need to share 2 of their electron to have full shell as 8. The last bond is triple bond. It occurs when 2 elements need to share 3 electrons each. As an example of Nitrogen and Nitrogen. They both need to share 3 electrons to have full shell as 7. All of the three types of bond, are called Non Polar covalent bond.  In another case, if there are two different element wanted to share their electron, the one that have more amount will get more electron. This is called a Polar Covalent bond. One fact about about Covalent bonding is, it stronger than ionic bonding!

Ionic bonding is when a metal element transform the electrons to a non metal element. There is two names for ion. They are cation and anion. The cation is when an element gives out its electron so they can get more protons and be stable. Anion is when an element receive electron from cation and then they can have stable negative charge.

Metallic bonding is when the element that are metal attract with the same metal element and then form a stronger metal that are hard to be rusted. This means, the things that form by metallic bonding, is not easy to be rusted or break. On example is steel. Steel is very strong and not rusted easier, because it form from metallic bonding.

this some of the highlights from this round

Fractions and geomentry

Math one of an important subject that we need to learn. I’ve learned so much from this term. Fractions and geometry are the lessons that we currently working on.  This what I remember from those lessons.

To multiply fraction with fraction, we multiply its numerator with numerator and denominator with denominator. If we want to multiply fraction with whole number, we just take the whole number and multiply it by the numerator, then we will get the answer. To divide fractions, we need to remember a phrase called “ flip and multiple” those means we have to flip the second fraction and then do the multiplication as normal. If we want to divide it with whole number, just take the whole number and then multiply it with they denominator, we will get the answer. For both multiply and divide, if it is the mixed number, we need to convert it to improper fraction first and then do the math as above. One thing that we really need to remember for the fraction is that, all of the answer that we got from they divide or multiplications are required to be in simplest form.


Geometry. To find the area of a triangle, we need to take base multiply with height and then divide it by 2. For the rectangle, to find the area, we need to take height times with base and then we will get the answer. To find the perimeter of the rectangle, we need to take length add with width and then times two.  

Triangle = ( H X B ) divide 2 = Area

Rectangle = H X B = Area

      = ( H + B ) X 2 = perimeter



photography is my favorite activity to do in my free time. luckily, this round I have the opportunity to learn about it. here are some of they really easy tips that I will need to know in order to do have my good photos. I need to use three different type of exposure that camera will use to have the good quality, such as Shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.

Shutter speed. shutter speed is how long would I want the light to get in into my camera. The larger the number is, the less amount of light will come in. if I put smaller amount of the number, I will get more light for the photos. Example, 1/20 vs 1/2000. I would get more light if I use the number 1/20, and I will get darker photos if I use 1/2000 because it is faster of getting the light in. it just like our eyes. If we open our eyes longer, we will see more light. If we open our eyes for 1 sec and close it back, there will be little bit of light we see.

Aperture. Aperture is the size of the camera’s lens that are open. The just the same as shutter speed. The smaller the number that I use, the more blurry background my photos have. Example,  F 1.4 have wider open, so it will give me more blurry background in my photos. If i put the number to F 14, my photo will be completely focus on everything that we want to capture clearly.

ISO. ISO is how sensitive is the camera to the light. This is easy. The higher number of ISO that we put, we will have more noise and grain in our photo. Using smaller amount of number, the photo will get clear. However, ISO also help for the brightness of the photos, so be mindful for that, I will need to have the right amount of ISO for each picture I take. 800 – 1000 is one of the common number that is right for most of the situations.

“using lower shutter speed”
“using higher shutter speed”
” using lower aperture “
” using higher aperture “
highlight @Vuochnea
highlight @kuy_chan + @chornson


“Group photo at the robotic competition field in Singapore”

Robotic is one of my favorite exploration throughout the year. We have 10 members in this class including one more lovely facilitator, Da who gave us the most valuable opportunity. This involve so many determination and virtualization, in order to build our new robots and use original strategies to compete with other group all around Asia.

This year, we focus on hydrodynamic for our missions. We have a lot of missions in our competition. My group have 7 weeks to prepare and be ready for the competition at Singapore. We have two groups, which are LLA1 and LLA2. We all start to build our robots and code it all by our own and learn to do it from our seniors also YouTube. Through the week, we did a very splendid job. We all get experiences and start to be a better collaborator, because we need to understand as much as forgiving each other when we do the project together. At that time, we also went to interview people around our community and get the information about the hydrodynamic, so then we could present to our judges.

The day had arrived. We have our last practice in Cambodia. We start to pack and be ready for our fist fly ever. When we arrived our station, we go to our host family house and then start our day on the next day. My group did not passed the round, but however another teammate group had passed the first round, so they could go to the final round. We continue our adventure. After finishing all of the exhausting and dehydrating day, it is finally time to come back.

It was great being one of the member in this exploration and get the experiences that I have never met before.

#2018 How I change Cambodia

“Riding together For changes around the country”-Journey of change

Throughout the year I have been doing a lot of thing that is incredible. Those thing are really important for all the people to concentrate and get to know more about them for changing Cambodia. There are more than 110 people in my school, so we are working on changing Cambodia together. If our goal succeeds, Cambodia would be a ton better than now a day. If you want to help us change Cambodia, you are recommended to read this until the end. Today I will tell you about how could I change Cambodia, how could you change Cambodia and what are the method that we can use to change Cambodia.

First of all I will tell you about how could I change Cambodia. Well, This is my second year in Liger, so I have learned about 30% of how could I change Cambodia already. Now I have thought about some strategy to change! Why did I do this? Because I love Cambodia I am 100% Khmer! My team have been going to everywhere in Cambodia and talk about changes included our bravery heart for people to know about our goal. For me even i am on my vacation with family, I still talk about it to people. After our vacation we come back to school and continue my goal with friends. We take all of people reaction towards our ideas. They might think we are too young to do these big thing, they might not believe what we have talked, but that is okay. Those reaction make use find our clear direction of how could we can do it better for someday in the future. We also promote our idea to the community by stand out and make speeches to people including interview their real life and opinion. We take the past and the present to compare how did the past do to develop Cambodia as well for this project..

Our exploration is one of the big project to make changes in Cambodia. I have involved in those exploration and all of them are really good for being the member in it and take the idea to create changes. Three of my favorite are, Robotic, geography/ historical and RRR. as you know that Cambodia, less of people know how to code and use the advance technology, so if we get into robotic, we can learn and get to use all of the technology to invent something new for our country. geography/ historical are the exploration that have the best opportunity to learn and get to know a lot of of thing that we never know before about Cambodia and give ideas of how Cambodia growing as well. The RRR stands for reduce, reuse and recycle. We were working on how to find the solution of how could we stop using plastic, so it is the best thing to work on ever.Also the other project such as, Technovation and wildlife concern are the project that good for protecting and give equality to each other, because wildlife concern are more likely about how to protect the animal and what are the danger that animal meet. Technovation is the project that give girl opportunity for being involved in technology cause most of the males are in technology already, so it is a good equality choice.

Now, you know how could I change Cambodia. Do you have any idea yet? If “NO” this is the good time to read and start to think of how could you do by your own! These are some of the ideas that I have thought of.  Before that, i have one more question, do you know Cambodia clearly yet? If “YES” that is impossible and it is amazing. If “No” you must learn more and know Cambodia well. After you have learn about Cambodia already, you have to make a note that what have you done and what is your favorite thing to do for changing Cambodia. You know? Those idea don’t have to be a big idea, but it can be small enough that you can do it. You must set your specific goal, by set the date for the goal, and how much you have to do and see what you have receive from it and see what have you changed something around you. Another thing is that you must support your own culture, because sometime people can look down in your country culture, but you go protect it so, the people would not brave to say something bad about them again. And you may have to learn hard about the other powerful country of how they develop their country and how could they make their country to be a really strong country. Please know that YOUR SMALL STEPS MAKE CHANGES FOR EVERYTHING.

If you get some idea already, please go and do it. Even you meet with a lot of struggle life, but remember a lot of people still can help you as well if you needed them. Don’t be scared just do it. The more you have the brave heart, the more you stand out. The more you stand out it is the more you change your country. Make your choice either you want to change or make it go down. If you change it, do what you can, it is all the best because NO ONE IS PERFECT.  IF YOU FOCUS ON RESULT, YOU WILL NEVER CHANGE. IF YOU FOCUS ON CHANGE, YOU WILL GET RESULTS