Literacy: About Refugee Poem

Below is the poem That I wrote as a perspective of a Girl who was a refugee from Kurdistan; 

Little do you know 


Everyday is considered black

Floating, and colorless.


No specific destiny

No chance to stand up

My life is irregular.


Under one sky

Two taste;

Spicy and bitter,

NO water. 


The sun shine too bright

On my uniself after my parents

I can’t be cold

Else it’s too much


I love talking 

As much as I love eating,

But who cares?

everything about me

All covered by umbrellas.


They don’t even know my name

Yara Awira

Which’s a stupid name

No one would want that

I swear.


My name Iz 


I admire butterflies

Because they are me

In kurdish little butterfly is Yara


I guilt to tell what Awira means

Doesn’t little butterfly sounds nice?

Well, I doubt.


Refugee is what it meant


“Little butterfly, refugee” 


My parents are awesome genius 


I don’t really care 

About other people’s reaction,

About its meaning,

It’s impact and whatsoever

As long as they don’t judge me, 

It’s enough. 


Where am I?


Standing on thorn

Now I’m stand on stone

I’m not a bird

I can’t fly.


From one day to another

This tiny, shaky, frail legs 

Work all day for the body to move 



I want to taste food 

The food that I love

But the only thing I can do

Is to stare at the sky

The one with stars that are too far away.  


The sky is mixed with 

Green, white, red

never been clear 

But extreme boiled.


What happen today?

The sky is now 

Black and white and red

Turning cold and frozen. 


Little butterfly is seeking

Dashing for life in Iraq


It’s too sudden for someone

Who defined as new teen. 


Something is wrong 


They called me robots

Which makes sense

Because I am strong!

I thought so….


They told me 

“it’s because you follow every 

Detail from your parents”

Makes me curious 

They don’t listen to their parents? 


“Lezbiyenï” they called me,

I know that i’m not

I don’t bother to listen to that fake term   

So, It does not hurt me. 


Bookish friends

I need them to acknowledge

I know they’ll teared one day

It’s auto write

Ever word that popped are sharp

Poke me unintentionally. 


The storm seems to follow me.

All the lightning

Wind, bees, flood,

Filling up my patience. 



I want to crawl out

Out the crowde, 

I want to open my own world. 


“No!” roared dad

In this cold weather, 

Chaos is bigger than ocean. 

I respect whatever he said

Even Though it’s hurt to lock my own ambition.


I want to change the sky color Once again

But it’s hard

I broke my respect 

Step out my zone

Hoping I can stand up afterward. 


The Snapshot 

I see Small sparkling eyes,

White skin

The scent of sakura perfumes.  


A girl with long shiny black hair

Small eyes and lighted makeup 

She Approached me.


Anyoeng haseyo

Looking left and then right, 

I smiled back.  


They took me to place

Where flowers bloom

Reminding me of nothing 

At hometown.


The sky without stars

Plant without seeds

Books without page

All the definition of me

Carelessly Left my heart at Iraq

How to be happy after a lose

happiness are everywhere. “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
― Dr. Seuss

Sometimes, the happiness that you have suddenly fades away. Maybe you lost your job, someone you love or a competition. None of us here would want any of those to affect our day. However, one moment in life there will be some unexpected events happen at some point. On the other hand, don’t worry too much on this, you have come to the right place.  You will just need your eyes, ears and your heart. There are more than three ways to be able to be happy. Those can be, accepting the loss, your favorite subjects, nature, and lose today does not mean you’ll lose tomorrow.

Accepting the loss. I know it is not easy for you, but hold on! You should learn. According to Kathryn Sandford from life, she stated that “ healing is a process”. Which also mean, anything that occur can be healed by time. When you lose something, it does not mean you are frail. It was just fate. After this experience, I’m sure you’ll get some advantages like, be strong and brave. Aisha Chaudhary, have a really bad condition for her health, but she won’t give up and she won’t let those fears ruin what she wanted to do. Even though you know that you will lose it, you should be happy and do anything you could do with it. Just before it’s gone forever. The great depression, that happened years ago in the United State, is one of the best example. Netizens lose all things. However, they have determination, and fight over those fears, until they got back into a great empire as nowadays. well, correct me if i’m wrong

Another ways is that, you could find your favorite things to do. It is very simple, because I’m sure that you know what you like. Enjoy the tiny beat that left over. Music is one of the common activity that people love. On the other hand, you can also draw and write about your feeling. Sometimes, you might not want to talk about those sadness in front of people, so drawing and writing is the best way to express your emotion quietly. However, if you don’t like writing, you can just talk to someone you trust. Even though those talks might give you some memory, but you have to find one silver line inside of it. It’s like picking a perfect peach to eat for summer. After raining, there must be sunshine that will dry your wetness. My close friend has lost her little sister that was just born. It’s sad and touched to everyone. However, she said “crying can’t help my sister to be alive again, remembering those who always near me is enough”.  Isn’t it true? When we loss someone in life, it does not mean that type of thing is gone forever. There must be someone or something new that can be replace that object. Look around and accept the other good feeling that others had given to you. You’ll be happy after.

Another great way to be happy, is going into nature. There are plenty of precious creatures that are unexpected to be seen. There is one unique way that nature can make us feel very happy. Following a website called yes, they stated” exposure of nature may also have physical and mental health benefit”. It means, the exposure that shows us in nature, gives us very positive impacts, no matter where, when and who. In the 1770-1850 there is a poem wrote by a English romance poet called “wander as a lonely”. it gives the emotion that he got from nature. If you don’t know what to do, just wander around and you will see a beautiful scene at some moment. Isn’t it great to go with a vacant hand, and come back with a sprightly brain?  Use your six senses correctly. Listen to the sound of wind and animal that create a beautiful song. Use your eyes to ensue what’s around and spot what is different. I bet you will see something interesting from nature. It is very jocund to do so.

Losing today does not mean you will lose tomorrow. Don’t worry, be happy.My dad always told me that, use my failure as a guide. Don’t be upset for those mistakes. Take it, and compare. What are your weakness?. After you find those, try to avoid that action in the next event. That’s what my dad said. Maanvi Singh wrote a article called ““you can buy happiness, if it’s an experience” ” she is inspiring people & me to take failure as an experience. After so many experience, I guarantee you that, you will get succeed in one day. On the other hand, don’t use your money to buy happiness.

At the end of the day, you will have to follow one of these steps to be happy. Happiness is the choice. You can find it right under your nose. Let’s not allow those problems that happened, infects your beautiful day. Happiness are free, so take it ask much as you can. If you no one give you, I’ll do!

You did great, and no one is greater than you” – Raksa

.“ Do what you love, accept who you are and save what you have” – Aisha chaudhary

“enjoy life, there are plenty of time for death” – Aisha chaudhary

P.s *Even though you want to use your money to buy those happiness, it does not mean anything. Why? Because, it does not comes from your own effort and your true self. Money can’t buy happiness. Example, when you are sad, you can not go to someone that is happy and buy 5$ of their happiness. Do you think it is possible to do that?

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Stop giving money to beggars



“A beggar will always be a beggar even if they give him the whole world as a gift”-Persian Proverb.  

A beggar is a typical person who survives by asking for money. As the Persian Proverb states, the beggar will always beg even if you give him the whole world. Have you ever found yourself in a situation with a beggar? How did it make you feel? There are an average of 1000 people begging for money in each country of Southeast Asia. Some beggars are even from neighboring countries. Meanwhile, there are countries that have a lot of beggars problem and another country is not.  In some countries, it is even illegal. Have you ever wondered why? Take Russia as an example, most beggars are addicted to drugs. Another country as China and countries around the world, has at least one beggar who uses the money that they receive on alcohol and drugs. However, Japan and Singapore are not having this problem. Even though giving money to beggars is known as a charity for homeless people, we should ban these actions. If we keep giving money to beggars, crisis action will begin. This enables their potential, they will become more pitiful, and they will get more discrimination from people surrounding them.

Creativity are everywhere. We can use them when we practice every time.  However, if we don’t let a specific person do so, they will not have any new ideas to survive in their daily life. It does work the same compare to beggars. They sit and ask more money everyday. No one would want to hire them to do something, and that’s the reasons why they don’t have any potential and ideas. According to the BBC news from London-based homeless charity, on of the man said “Handing over money to beggars, can have fatal consequences”-Thames Reach. He stated this, because his observations are sure. Not only, beggars used the money on drug habits, but also the drug habits are really addicted to substances such as crack cocaine and heroin. Obviously, the situation are getting worse and worse because of this. It also bring death a lot in 2016 at London. Besides that, there is a good example that we all should do. Taking Jerry and Thames Reach as an example. Jerry used to be a beggars for a long time ago. Along with this,he had never felt so happy. Moreover, he always felt that he want to die, because he had no idea how to use the money in the right way. Other than this, he also used to be in a drug habit. Fortunately, he got help and support form Thames Reach, so he is out from the drug habit and clean from being a beggar. Absolutely, this action shows that helping them to have a better job is better than just keep giving them the money.

All of the people are the same, they will become pitiful once they always get what they want for no reasons. If we are not willing to solve this, we will just keep giving the currency that we find by our own to someone else. As the result, numbers of beggars are rising up unexpectedly by this reasons. However, it is kind and nice to give money to help people, but what if the person use the money into different ways. For instance, the BBC news says that the government of England had quoted, “For 2015 we found the number of rough sleepers on any one night in England has risen by almost 30% in the last year to 3, 569 beggars and homeless people” (pg. 1). This really show that once people always get the money to buy stuff they want by easy way, more of them will just come and try to spare for money. On the other hand, they might think that begging someone for their money is easy than go and find it by their own. Let’s look at my own experience. On 24 November during water festival, I have met a few young beggars. There are two of the them who came and ask me for money. One of them said “Can I have 100R please?” and the other one said “Can I have 500R please?”. Once I gave the money to those two boys, the other just come and do same thing to me. This really annoy me. However, I did give them something else. Guess what is is? I gave them some of the food that I bought from different stand that I’ve walked passed, so they can share with each other. Even so, they are still hungry tomorrow, but they get the food for today. They are kids, they can not just take the money and buy stuff by their own hand! Apart from this, let’s  imagine, if people give them food everyday, will they survive? Will they have chance to use the money for something else that are not useful? Absolutely not.

When one of the person have different living style from us, we always look at them differently. No matters, what the reason is. This, effect our social life. If there’s no one begging for money every day, then there will not be any discriminate against them. For instance, a beggar from BBC news in the 14 documentary stated “I feel people look down on me because of my situation” and “People have discriminated against me because of my situation.” – Jerry (p.2) .This statement is from one of the beggar that BBC had been interviewed. They got discriminate if people keep giving money to them. What if we start to give them opportunity. What if we start helping them to have a safer place to live. It is even better than just let them sit anywhere for money. In addition, people will just walk past them and make them feel bad for every situations that they meet. Obviously, discrimination means a lot to them. In the other hand, they also have heart, so if we want them to have more chances and stop being depressed, don’t give money to them, but do give something else.


As a conclusion, giving money to beggars should be ban are not a bad idea. This is not mean to make them or hungry or anything, but we are trying to make the community more organized. Here are some of the ways you can do to help practicing this action

  • Give the beggars food, water or clothes instead of money
  • Donate money to the beggars organization, so they could help to take care the beggar in the right way ( including the disability beggars and normal people)
  • Hire them to do something that they can do

I would feel very happy and grateful if we all do these above. I’m sure we can do it.


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English Literacy

“reading book for team discussion”

English literacy is a class that teach almost every that we have not know before. In this class, we learn to write, to read, to create, to change and to work as a team everyday. Before class start, we have a affirmation to make our day positive too.Every Week, we have new vocabulary package that contain ten new words and of of the practice exercises with it. As you know, if we have ten new words everyday, we also have to have one test per week as well, because our teacher want us to remember the words. All of the words are connect to the ancient English that took from Latin and Greek. Now, we start to have a new lesson that us a prompt called, Hyper doc. We use this to learn one lesson about “poison”. This include everything that the writer need to include to make their story meaningful. We review the way to write a story too. There are a lot of thing that we learned from this class, because we have real experience and our facilitator use a lot of website that help us to learn our vocabulary and more group works. One example is the flip grid. We choose our idea and discuss who will we choose to make the exhibit for and then make a video to show our idea and our goal. We also learn about the famous people’s life, like how do they get succeed and how are their life inspiring( Malala, Gandhi, Rosa park…) this is a really interesting class. I am impressed that I have participate in this class.