Algebra [Linear Equation]

This round, we learn about linear equations. We normally learn the lesson half of the class and then take advantage of the time that are left to practice in Khan Academy. Our facilitator does not like to give homework, so there aren’t any daily assessment. However, we need to do a weekly homework in Khan academy. Basically, we finish the exercise in the Algebra 1 [linear equation] and then show our facilitator the level that we got throughout the week. If there is any question about the problems we did, students should send the screenshot to our math facilitator and he will clarify and review it the next time we’re in class. Although I’m not so good at math, I still get help from my classmate which help motivate me to keep doing math. Sometimes, I felt complicated, but I’m glad that I can at least understand the concept of the lesson. I believe I did pay good attention in class by taking notes and ask questions. 

Result of involving Algebra


This year is different from last year, because it is much more challenging. Most of your lesson are focusing on algebra. From the beginning of the year, I thought i am going to have nightmare whenever i hear the word “algebra”. It was very complicated and messy to me. However, after one year have past, I felt more confident at solving the problem as well as celebration of knowledge ( math test ).  Besides doing algebra, we also go deep into a greater level of geometry, fractions, statistics and probability, ratio and proportion. We usually make our plan every Monday. Which means, we know what are our Homeworks, checking our homework from last week and what lesson we are going to learn. I really the way it sounds and how it process. I thought this is the greatest way i could learn math or else i wouldn’t understand. Well, since I am not that intelligence with math. Anyways, here is what we usually do every week.

Monday: check our homework partners or groups, learn new lesson, not down the HW that we need to do this week.

Tuesday:  get in a group, do practice in the workbook or textbook/ continue the lesson. Offline practice

Thursday: do a group project/ practice on books and Khan Academy

Friday: present our work, more practice/ Kahoot and quizzes

These above at not permanently count as our schedule, it can change depends on our trips, facilitators and events. Another activity I love is break out! We sometimes have a online break out, which we can use our critical thinking skills includes with math. If we do not have break out, we might have a group project instead, where we can do research, work and create math problems and data together. Isn’t all of these sounds fun? Even if i don’t like math, but now i do!! I a lot of who are reading this, feel the same way too.


Before Vs. After ( Math )

“students working on math puzzle ( angle) “

I always thought that math is hard, and yes! It is hard. Before I learn this new lesson, I don’t know how to calculate the discounts whenever i go to market. There is one time, i went to the supermarket and struggling to find the real amount of money. I am afraid to ask the seller, because they might think that I am dumb. Percentage is always my problem. Sometimes, when I go and survey people, I won’t be able to put those data into a percentage, so I have to go and ask a seniors for my friend who already know how to do it. The same thing in money tree class    ( we learn about how to use and save our money in a correct way ), after I collected my salary, I can not calculate the commission that I’ve got. That’s why i have to ask my teacher every time. I feel like, I am a young born child! However, the time have arrived, we are starting to learn percentage! Now, i can know the discount prices and the commission, so I can freely be on my own for shopping and calculate my own money management.

Another lesson is angle. I can learn a lot of new words for my math class,  so it would make more sense to communicate with our math teacher. Before i know how to measure angle and those new words, I always ask my teacher in a weird way. Which mean, i try to use another word  to describe what I meant, because i don’t know the actually word. However, I hope that she could understand me a lot better, through my vocabulary practice.

Fractions and geomentry

Math one of an important subject that we need to learn. I’ve learned so much from this term. Fractions and geometry are the lessons that we currently working on.  This what I remember from those lessons.

To multiply fraction with fraction, we multiply its numerator with numerator and denominator with denominator. If we want to multiply fraction with whole number, we just take the whole number and multiply it by the numerator, then we will get the answer. To divide fractions, we need to remember a phrase called “ flip and multiple” those means we have to flip the second fraction and then do the multiplication as normal. If we want to divide it with whole number, just take the whole number and then multiply it with they denominator, we will get the answer. For both multiply and divide, if it is the mixed number, we need to convert it to improper fraction first and then do the math as above. One thing that we really need to remember for the fraction is that, all of the answer that we got from they divide or multiplications are required to be in simplest form.


Geometry. To find the area of a triangle, we need to take base multiply with height and then divide it by 2. For the rectangle, to find the area, we need to take height times with base and then we will get the answer. To find the perimeter of the rectangle, we need to take length add with width and then times two.  

Triangle = ( H X B ) divide 2 = Area

Rectangle = H X B = Area

      = ( H + B ) X 2 = perimeter


Math Class

“Student practicing math problems in class”

In this year, we are starting the primary mathematics grade 5A. There are a lot of fraction problems and geometry. On the first week, we just make a poster that help us to push yourself  into learning process and put it on the class’s wall. The latest lesson in this round is word problems with fraction. We did those problems everyday in class. In math class, is a little different from others, because we do the seat rotation every week and also, we have more chances to work in team more often than other class. Beside learning form the book, we have some of the website that help us to practice and learn more about our lesson. One of the good one is Khan academy which gives the whole cohort a lot of participation in class. Sometimes, we have more website for playing math games or challenge in our free time if we want to give our brain a workout such as, math playground, mind games and more. I love how we learn and the facilitator’s teaching style. I will give all of my passion into this.