Indigenous community exploration

There is one main goal in our exploration.Our goal is to preserve and promote  including raising awareness for the indigenous groups, because we want the world to know about all of the indigenous community that exist in Cambodia. We are looking forward to achieve on making an indigenous book including the blog that we find out all of the information by our trip to Kampong Speu and Ratanakiri last month. Basically, there are more than 20 groups of indigenous community in Cambodia, but we only choose 5 of them. They are Tompoun, Souy, Jarai, Kreung and Kachok. The reason we choose these groups because of the time limit and they are accessible and have enough information for us to be able to ask. On the other hand, We have divided our team into many different categories to interview people, such as culture, believe, geography, food, items, languages, folklore, history and some more. We started to write all of the information down from week 4 so, it is pretty fast for us to check those with our facilitator. In fact, All of them needed to be checked the English and Khmer by our facilitator so, it will take a long time for finishing our goal, but We hope you will wait and see the results. However, some of the groups might have a lot of letters than photo because we did not get the chance to take photos for it. Just because of some of the culture and believe. if you want to know more, you can read more about it in your free time. There are a lot of interesting facts that you might surprised or teach you something new.  Here is the link to the blog that we create

*it have not completely finish, but on Souy categories, we are finished. We hope we will done all of them by the end of 2018

Fact/highlight about indigenous groups

Indigenous people don’t eat people meat or raw fish as we think, they actually have their cooking habit and creative ideas for foods too. We don’t have to be scared of them because they are really friendly and nice once we know how to communicate with them and make them feel comfortable talking to us. They are shy, so we need to speak carefully and make them talk to us back, so we will have all of the information that we want. That’s the tip.

Here are some of the fact or highlight for these groups:

  • Believe strong in animism and forest ( mostly Souy )
  • Female is the one who go and ask the male for marriage
  • Jarai still have problem with gender qualities  ( girl stay at home, girls don’t learn,… )
  • Jarai, Kachok don’t have any toilet in their house
  • Kachok have live in as a clan. In each house, they have at least 6 relative families that live together
  • On the funeral, they all buried the dead body.
  • Tampon call the head tribe people as the elders of the village