Computer Science and Multimedia


“Student editing photo in Light-room”

At the first week of our class have learn the research skill, so in the future we will do a very good research about things that we want to know about clearly. we started to learn many different things that we need the skill in the future. We have learned to use, Photoshop, light-room and Adobe In-design. We have practiced them in the class, so we can make a cool poster that we use all of the 3 software. We each make a really cool and wonderful posters that teach our classmate about the research that we have search in the every first week. I did about types of music and what year that it was created including by who. My friends have different topic from me, so we all have learned something new together. After we finish all of the research and editing in the software, we started new lesson about programming. Those lesson are fun and very helpful to me. I will try my best to participate in the class.

Math Class

“Student practicing math problems in class”

In this year, we are starting the primary mathematics grade 5A. There are a lot of fraction problems and geometry. On the first week, we just make a poster that help us to push yourself  into learning process and put it on the class’s wall. The latest lesson in this round is word problems with fraction. We did those problems everyday in class. In math class, is a little different from others, because we do the seat rotation every week and also, we have more chances to work in team more often than other class. Beside learning form the book, we have some of the website that help us to practice and learn more about our lesson. One of the good one is Khan academy which gives the whole cohort a lot of participation in class. Sometimes, we have more website for playing math games or challenge in our free time if we want to give our brain a workout such as, math playground, mind games and more. I love how we learn and the facilitator’s teaching style. I will give all of my passion into this.

Liger Cummunity Theater

Interviewing people for the idea and interest
setting up the stage for the night play
half of the audiences that came and watch our play at the evening


Set design is an exploration, which we are going to make a mobile theater for our community. This exploration involve  a lot of creativity. We start off by making a brainstorm for our mobile theater. We end up by choosing a type of theater that we will create from the trailer instead of the bus or storage.

After choosing the idea, Me and the other two friends went to the containers and bus shop for doing survey and get the idea for our new design. We also divide our team to do different team task. Some people do sponsorship, designing theater in 3D, crowdfunding, managing, planning and some more small jobs that we did it.

The fourth week, we went to two provinces which are, Tbong Khmum and Kampong Chham. We went to interview people in the afternoon, and we also invite them to join our play at the evening and night time. It was going very well. We got our footage and photos to put in the crowdfunding as we want. The people also enjoy our play a lot. Our play was about the food chemical which cause a lot of people to be sick, so after we told them the protection, we have helped them a lot.

After all of the work, we hope that we will have the mobile theater soon and continue giving and sharing to people about more educational plays that we are going to perform for them. Our first try without theater is a little challenging, because it was raining seasons, so we needed to face the raining time. If we have the mobile theater, it will be more easy and quicker for setting up. My visualization is, all the people will soon, know more about the social life and protections even they did not learn when they was young by our TOS MERL LIGER TRAVELING COMMUNITY THEATER.