This time, it is a little bit different. We got just a few weeks together, so Cindy said to let us manage the time to learn something that we want to know more about, or want to improve on. Since I like drawing on paper and coloring, I decided to try digital drawing. Illustrator is the software that I choose in order to help me. Speaking of that, the only thing I remembered about Illustrator was logging in into the software. Once I was logged in, I saw that the tools were a little bit complicated. So in order to achieve what I want, I spent a few days learning from different resources. I looked up for tutorial on YouTube, websites and asked my friends that have experience. I’ve learn so many things. I started with 5% of knowledge and I think I know 70% now! After the project ended, I am more confident in drawing and using different brushes in the software. I know how to use the art board and path finder. Layers are always hard for me to understand and to use it the right way, because it was a little bit confusing at first, but I managed to follow the instructions from YouTube videos. I also tried to use my own style of drawing to have it done, so it might not come out as perfect as I want. Moreover, I thought this project is really helpful, because it gives me opportunity to learn more about something I always wanted to do in free time. I also learn how to be an independent learner and have responsibility on my work. I can see myself working hard on having it done on time. I even use my free time to do it, so I think this is one of my new awareness. Due to time limitation, I didn’t have time to learn how to paint the product, so I just focused on drawing. I will try to learn more about it in the future. Check out my progress

“the first picture that I tried to draw” *see how the pen is in the same size pic: Jisoo kim
“the second try, is a little bit better, since I try to learn how to draw the eyebrow and I decode to design some of the part by myself”
“the third try, i got the brush tricks. I try different brushes and see the one that fits the best” Pic: Bam Bam got7




“this is my fourth try, but it is also my first try on drawing male’s close up photo. I discover that it harder to draw than the female one, because i am not familiar with face shape and hair style” Pic: BTS V
    “this is my last try through out my project, so try to put different brushes and size as well. I also include some different opacity that makes the photo look more a alike” Pic: Jisoo kim       Leave me a though about the photo! How do I improve it? 








Phython round 4

my coding project using trinket.

Before we learn this lesson,  i thought we are going to use code blog. however, we are actually, writing our own codes! it is very hard to understand every of the variable and how it is works. there are a lot of function and words that i don’t understand. on the other hand, i always miss class twice a week, which make my life even harder. I need to ask my friend about the lesson that we’ve learned in class and try my best to understand the lesson that my facilitator teach while i’m in class. remove and insert loops are really useful to me. I can understand the code even more, after my teacher tough this to me. I admit that i used to get stress, when ever i want to insert or remove anything from my code club projects, but i am really thankful to cindy who tough me this. another good thing is that, we have code club project, so i don’t have to worry much about the lesson that i missed, because are only focus on the project, which they will tell us the instruction what to do. at the end of the code club, there are challenges in each project, so it is a good way for me to play around with my code and see how much i can do. other than code lesson, we learn about editing video using Adobe premier pro! it is very exciting. even i’m not the class at that moment, but i will be able to understand it using tutorial through Youtube and my friend! I would love to try something bonus like this, in every round. doing this, help us to release our stress too. 

For loops

Last term, We have studied about some of the basic, so this round we are starting into the first lessons. We learn for loops. we use it to print out data like names, and inputs. we mostly make some of the practices in the class. it was hard for the first time, but after I practice it, things get easier. I really like how to was teach, because I could know more how to create more functions for another project that i would need in the future. Technovation is one of the biggest project that I have join, so I might use python or codding rule for coding my application. I thought coding actually really useful, because it helps my brain to think critically. 

here is the example

  • if statements
  • Else if statements
  • continue statements
  • loops
  • ( we also learn more, but I missed the class for other project )

basically, these are the work that i have done

L = “letter”

Fruites = [‘apple’, ‘bannana’]

For x in fruites:

If x == “banana”:


Print (x) ( it will not print your value because the word ” break ” mean to stop all the code )

Fruite [ ‘apple’, ‘banana’, ‘cherry’ ]

For x in fruits:

If x == “banana”:


Print (x) ( it will print out apple and cherry, because the word ” continue ” is to skips  a value. 

so, this is it! basically, it is to print out data or values that we are given in some points. However, some of them are really complicated, that is why it need a lot of determination. I first, kind of stress out a bit for the lesson, but that’s life. I got to ask my coding teacher clear detail of what I don’t understand, so that I could remember all of the steps and rules. 


photography is my favorite activity to do in my free time. luckily, this round I have the opportunity to learn about it. here are some of they really easy tips that I will need to know in order to do have my good photos. I need to use three different type of exposure that camera will use to have the good quality, such as Shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.

Shutter speed. shutter speed is how long would I want the light to get in into my camera. The larger the number is, the less amount of light will come in. if I put smaller amount of the number, I will get more light for the photos. Example, 1/20 vs 1/2000. I would get more light if I use the number 1/20, and I will get darker photos if I use 1/2000 because it is faster of getting the light in. it just like our eyes. If we open our eyes longer, we will see more light. If we open our eyes for 1 sec and close it back, there will be little bit of light we see.

Aperture. Aperture is the size of the camera’s lens that are open. The just the same as shutter speed. The smaller the number that I use, the more blurry background my photos have. Example,  F 1.4 have wider open, so it will give me more blurry background in my photos. If i put the number to F 14, my photo will be completely focus on everything that we want to capture clearly.

ISO. ISO is how sensitive is the camera to the light. This is easy. The higher number of ISO that we put, we will have more noise and grain in our photo. Using smaller amount of number, the photo will get clear. However, ISO also help for the brightness of the photos, so be mindful for that, I will need to have the right amount of ISO for each picture I take. 800 – 1000 is one of the common number that is right for most of the situations.

“using lower shutter speed”
“using higher shutter speed”
” using lower aperture “
” using higher aperture “
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Computer Science and Multimedia


“Student editing photo in Light-room”

At the first week of our class have learn the research skill, so in the future we will do a very good research about things that we want to know about clearly. we started to learn many different things that we need the skill in the future. We have learned to use, Photoshop, light-room and Adobe In-design. We have practiced them in the class, so we can make a cool poster that we use all of the 3 software. We each make a really cool and wonderful posters that teach our classmate about the research that we have search in the every first week. I did about types of music and what year that it was created including by who. My friends have different topic from me, so we all have learned something new together. After we finish all of the research and editing in the software, we started new lesson about programming. Those lesson are fun and very helpful to me. I will try my best to participate in the class.