Khmer Rouge Exploration

As a youth of Cambodia, I should know about the history and what happened to my country. Not just learning about the good ones, but also learning about the painful ones that contain those hidden perspective and understanding.  In this exploration, I can learn all briefly and deeply at the same time about the information from each era as well as how it transitions into the new ones. On the other hand, we mostly focus mainly on Khmer rouge genocide. That time it was a really dark and painful thing that ever happen to Cambodia. Instead of feeling sorrowful over this, we do something different. From my perspective, it also gives a good lesson for this new generation. We can clearly see how cruel and unhappy it was, so we as a new generation must not repeat in the same footsteps. Be happy with who we are today and keep developing our country. Be proud of what country had deveelop. 40 years after this genocide, I want other country to feel proud and impress for our country, that we can stand strong and don’t give up.

With all of those thoughts, we come up with different creative base ideas that we want to show it to everyone during our sharation. Our theme was to show different perspectives, so we form smaller groups for different projects. Those are, Poem, drawing, painting, song, dance, short stories and leader evaluation. I participated in Drawing, song and dance. 

In the dance team, we choose contemporary dance, because we want to tell a story in the dance. I suggested some songs, and we pick it together. After I edited all of those songs, we create the story line together and I choreograph about 90% of the dance. In the dance we choose two characters as sisters and then we showcase their lives before Khmer rouge, during and after the Khmer rouge as well. The audience will see the transition from each era based on the way we dress up and the mood of the music.I love doing this, because it’s my passion. Even Though there are some challenges, but I am fine with it (practice with everyone in while they are doing multi task, teaching the moves, prepare the stage, change the outfit fast enough for each transition). I bleed my feet and got some bruises on my leg, but I’m happy for it, because all of the audience feedback makes me happy and their reactions make me feel even stronger.

I also join the song team, which we choose the Khmer rouge anthem song and keep the lyrics, but we create the new melody for it. We make it sound modernize and happy. I also translate the lyrics into English version, so that the foreienger audience can understand the meaning as well. We ask our senior (B chhoue) to help us produce the music. 

The last project I joined is Portrait team. We pick leader or victims from s-21 ( A khmer rouge prison) to draw and show different perspectives. We drew the exact copy of the picture for the first drawing and then the second drawing will be modernized. Some students change their hair style, hair, clothes or even their sad face to look happy. We do this to imagine how would those people look like if they were in our present days. 

So far, this was such an amazing experience for me. I can learn about my history and make new commitment to  change Cambodia. Doing what I love (art base) will always turns out acceptable and make my day brighter.

Household Garden


Image may contain: plant, tree, outdoor and nature
“cherry tomato at the greenhouse”
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“learning about pollen in bitter melon” P.S: we’ve learn a lot of vegetable names!

The main purpose of our exploration is to see the possibility of household garden in Cambodia. Since our country has not produce the need of vegetable per day, it’s a really big deal for the economy,health and habits. We also want to compare the chemical usage with organic and then make an assumption about why they keep using inorganic way. 

From going to the trip, we’ve learned about making fertilizer, how to grow each vegetable that we choose, and so many more! In addition, one of the trip that I really reflex on is the trip to S’ang district, Kandal. My expectation and reality are very different!

I didn’t expect “some” farmer to use any organic fertilizer or cow dung, because I’ve heard that sa’ang is a chemical district. I also thought that they would grow something like, fruit type and root type. Interestingly, they actually grow rapid lettuce, including a lot of leafy types! Another thing is that,I was quite surprised to know that farmers don’t really care about the changes of land. They just keep using chemical, hoping that chemical will give enough nutrients to their vegetables. There is a tremendous amount of chemical that is being used during the farming process. Seeds, weeds, stem, leaves, insects,and disease are all required chemicals. Not just that, they even spray the chemical before harvesting! The fact that the rumor about increasing the size of vegetable overnight by using a specific type of chemical is ridiculous. Imagine, people eat vegetables everyday, but everything is made up of chemical compounds. Vitamins are useless to handle those already. Farmer knew that chemical surely harm living organisms, but they keep using it. They have to win the competition of growing vegetables. I mean, they do everything just for their vegetable to grow better than others. One of the farmers said “we eat the vegetables that we grow in front of our house, because it’s organic. The rest that we grow at the farm ( with chemicals), we export it to PP market including local market”. What is the point of having themself safe without thinking about others? There is even a greenhouse that the organization made for them, but they didn’t focus on it. Well, I guess it’s because greenhouse grow slower.  

if people keep doing that, we won’t live for long! I’m serious. This exploration have a big impact for social and the future. It’s not too late to start spreading our knowledge to farmer out there who does not know much about organic ways of growing. Imagine, if we can encourage everyone to have household garden in there house, it would be really valuable. Our country will produce enough vegetables for each year, stable economy and healthy citizens bring the best human resources. Wow, pure logic. To fulfill this expectation/dream, we need to start now. I need to start now. I believe, it should be a MUST for other students too!


Acting or Videography

Well, I love both! I love acting since I was young and I love taking pictures or videos since I started my secondary school.  I thought these two subjects have a very good combination. That’s why I choose to learn both. Now, it is my chance to learn and dig deep into it. We only got 7 weeks to learn both of the subjects, but it’s every meaningful to me. It’s like the most valuable course in my life. I emphasize this as much as I do to myself. Alright, let’s get back to the topic.

We got some tips for acting, such as:

  • Warm up activities
  • How to memorize the script
  • Breaking the fourth wall ( interacting with audience)
  • Acting method
  • Handle the mistakes on stage
  • How to be professional on stage
  • Last but not least, face expression!!

Those sounds easy to me at first, but when it comes to real learning process, it quite hard. I got to work with an actress from Hollywood, which is even more amazing. I love how she interact with us and how she guide us through the whole weeks too. I felt confident in acting in front a lot of people now, so I guess I’ll be fine in the next show.

On the other hand, i learn a lot of stuff from Aviv Rubinstien. He taught me about editing video professionally on premiere pro, writing screenplay on fade in, shooting video in different camera angle, lighting for shooting, production design and more. After he taught everything, he assign some works to do. I did photo Roman ( like below). I wrote a screenplay, that i selected to be the top 3 in class, but unfortunately, voted for top one, I did not make it. But it’s okay! I am happy, because I do my best.

For the screenplay that was selected, we all got 1 week to shoot the film and edit it. It was tough, because we have a short time to finish. I am the main character, so I spent the whole three days just for shooting, which is very tired, but fun at the same time. Everything went gracefully. We have the cinematographer, producer, director, actors, production designer, asst 1, asst 2, camera asst, sound people, editor, and slat holder! It was such an amazing experience. I feel like I am actually working with real professional film maker. They are doing their great job! Me too, i guess….

*i’ll put the link once it’s posted

Acting Begin! CR: Kuychan You
Behind the scene CR: Kuychan You
the last scene CR: Kuychan You
our crews CR: Kuychan You

Stem engineering

at bambooJaya
at Dongkor public school
at Chhbar Ampov public school
achievements from the bamboo jaya school


It is a very unique exploration. We research about it, we share it, we do it and we achieve it. In the first to third week or so, we studied about different types of engineering. I really like medical engineering, because i love saving people’s life. After this lesson, we learn about 6 different types of simple machine. I don’t know about all these before i learn this. Well, i know few, but not all. All of them are really important for my works in life. I just realized that, everything that we use to help our works, require those simple machine! Next lesson is, designing process. It does not mean that, we can only use it use it for engineering, but everything needs that. Even writing, creating a products and more. On the other hand, this is not it. Our exploration goal is to get Cambodian kids in public school engage in stem projects. We find a projects that we want to make, and then do it as a Cambodian friendly. Which means, all the material must be easy to find in Cambodia. After we know exactly what we are going to do, we go out into different schools and then teach them how to do our project. We also get some feedback from them, so we could make changes to our instruct-able. My team create a slingshot car, because it is a toy so, the kids will be interested in it. We really want to kid to engage in some creative activity, so we decide to challenge them to, design their car by them self. They really enjoy the projects, and i’m so glad that they all show their ingenuity for the cars and appreciation towards us that we go and teach them something new. For me, I really want to do this project again, because it really help the kids to relax and give them some more fun time as well as improving their creativity. They can even use this car to compete each other, like a race in their free time. So, the best part is, it is easy to make, and easy to play. If you want to see our instruct able, you can see it under my text. I wrote it both in Khmer and English so, Cambodian can see it and follow it easily.

Outdoor leadership

this round, I have join an exploration called, outdoor leadership. this exploration have touch me a lot for my life survival including CPR, how to have have water to drink, foods, sleeping in the forest. other than that, I can also learn how to help my friends when they have an emergency in the forest or somewhere that did not have close by hospital. so here are some of the actions and activities that i have done on my trip. 

Indigenous community exploration

There is one main goal in our exploration.Our goal is to preserve and promote  including raising awareness for the indigenous groups, because we want the world to know about all of the indigenous community that exist in Cambodia. We are looking forward to achieve on making an indigenous book including the blog that we find out all of the information by our trip to Kampong Speu and Ratanakiri last month. Basically, there are more than 20 groups of indigenous community in Cambodia, but we only choose 5 of them. They are Tompoun, Souy, Jarai, Kreung and Kachok. The reason we choose these groups because of the time limit and they are accessible and have enough information for us to be able to ask. On the other hand, We have divided our team into many different categories to interview people, such as culture, believe, geography, food, items, languages, folklore, history and some more. We started to write all of the information down from week 4 so, it is pretty fast for us to check those with our facilitator. In fact, All of them needed to be checked the English and Khmer by our facilitator so, it will take a long time for finishing our goal, but We hope you will wait and see the results. However, some of the groups might have a lot of letters than photo because we did not get the chance to take photos for it. Just because of some of the culture and believe. if you want to know more, you can read more about it in your free time. There are a lot of interesting facts that you might surprised or teach you something new.  Here is the link to the blog that we create

*it have not completely finish, but on Souy categories, we are finished. We hope we will done all of them by the end of 2018

Fact/highlight about indigenous groups

Indigenous people don’t eat people meat or raw fish as we think, they actually have their cooking habit and creative ideas for foods too. We don’t have to be scared of them because they are really friendly and nice once we know how to communicate with them and make them feel comfortable talking to us. They are shy, so we need to speak carefully and make them talk to us back, so we will have all of the information that we want. That’s the tip.

Here are some of the fact or highlight for these groups:

  • Believe strong in animism and forest ( mostly Souy )
  • Female is the one who go and ask the male for marriage
  • Jarai still have problem with gender qualities  ( girl stay at home, girls don’t learn,… )
  • Jarai, Kachok don’t have any toilet in their house
  • Kachok have live in as a clan. In each house, they have at least 6 relative families that live together
  • On the funeral, they all buried the dead body.
  • Tampon call the head tribe people as the elders of the village



“Group photo at the robotic competition field in Singapore”

Robotic is one of my favorite exploration throughout the year. We have 10 members in this class including one more lovely facilitator, Da who gave us the most valuable opportunity. This involve so many determination and virtualization, in order to build our new robots and use original strategies to compete with other group all around Asia.

This year, we focus on hydrodynamic for our missions. We have a lot of missions in our competition. My group have 7 weeks to prepare and be ready for the competition at Singapore. We have two groups, which are LLA1 and LLA2. We all start to build our robots and code it all by our own and learn to do it from our seniors also YouTube. Through the week, we did a very splendid job. We all get experiences and start to be a better collaborator, because we need to understand as much as forgiving each other when we do the project together. At that time, we also went to interview people around our community and get the information about the hydrodynamic, so then we could present to our judges.

The day had arrived. We have our last practice in Cambodia. We start to pack and be ready for our fist fly ever. When we arrived our station, we go to our host family house and then start our day on the next day. My group did not passed the round, but however another teammate group had passed the first round, so they could go to the final round. We continue our adventure. After finishing all of the exhausting and dehydrating day, it is finally time to come back.

It was great being one of the member in this exploration and get the experiences that I have never met before.

Liger Cummunity Theater

Interviewing people for the idea and interest
setting up the stage for the night play
half of the audiences that came and watch our play at the evening


Set design is an exploration, which we are going to make a mobile theater for our community. This exploration involve  a lot of creativity. We start off by making a brainstorm for our mobile theater. We end up by choosing a type of theater that we will create from the trailer instead of the bus or storage.

After choosing the idea, Me and the other two friends went to the containers and bus shop for doing survey and get the idea for our new design. We also divide our team to do different team task. Some people do sponsorship, designing theater in 3D, crowdfunding, managing, planning and some more small jobs that we did it.

The fourth week, we went to two provinces which are, Tbong Khmum and Kampong Chham. We went to interview people in the afternoon, and we also invite them to join our play at the evening and night time. It was going very well. We got our footage and photos to put in the crowdfunding as we want. The people also enjoy our play a lot. Our play was about the food chemical which cause a lot of people to be sick, so after we told them the protection, we have helped them a lot.

After all of the work, we hope that we will have the mobile theater soon and continue giving and sharing to people about more educational plays that we are going to perform for them. Our first try without theater is a little challenging, because it was raining seasons, so we needed to face the raining time. If we have the mobile theater, it will be more easy and quicker for setting up. My visualization is, all the people will soon, know more about the social life and protections even they did not learn when they was young by our TOS MERL LIGER TRAVELING COMMUNITY THEATER.