Literacy: About Refugee Poem

Below is the poem That I wrote as a perspective of a Girl who was a refugee from Kurdistan; 

Little do you know 


Everyday is considered black

Floating, and colorless.


No specific destiny

No chance to stand up

My life is irregular.


Under one sky

Two taste;

Spicy and bitter,

NO water. 


The sun shine too bright

On my uniself after my parents

I can’t be cold

Else it’s too much


I love talking 

As much as I love eating,

But who cares?

everything about me

All covered by umbrellas.


They don’t even know my name

Yara Awira

Which’s a stupid name

No one would want that

I swear.


My name Iz 


I admire butterflies

Because they are me

In kurdish little butterfly is Yara


I guilt to tell what Awira means

Doesn’t little butterfly sounds nice?

Well, I doubt.


Refugee is what it meant


“Little butterfly, refugee” 


My parents are awesome genius 


I don’t really care 

About other people’s reaction,

About its meaning,

It’s impact and whatsoever

As long as they don’t judge me, 

It’s enough. 


Where am I?


Standing on thorn

Now I’m stand on stone

I’m not a bird

I can’t fly.


From one day to another

This tiny, shaky, frail legs 

Work all day for the body to move 



I want to taste food 

The food that I love

But the only thing I can do

Is to stare at the sky

The one with stars that are too far away.  


The sky is mixed with 

Green, white, red

never been clear 

But extreme boiled.


What happen today?

The sky is now 

Black and white and red

Turning cold and frozen. 


Little butterfly is seeking

Dashing for life in Iraq


It’s too sudden for someone

Who defined as new teen. 


Something is wrong 


They called me robots

Which makes sense

Because I am strong!

I thought so….


They told me 

“it’s because you follow every 

Detail from your parents”

Makes me curious 

They don’t listen to their parents? 


“Lezbiyenï” they called me,

I know that i’m not

I don’t bother to listen to that fake term   

So, It does not hurt me. 


Bookish friends

I need them to acknowledge

I know they’ll teared one day

It’s auto write

Ever word that popped are sharp

Poke me unintentionally. 


The storm seems to follow me.

All the lightning

Wind, bees, flood,

Filling up my patience. 



I want to crawl out

Out the crowde, 

I want to open my own world. 


“No!” roared dad

In this cold weather, 

Chaos is bigger than ocean. 

I respect whatever he said

Even Though it’s hurt to lock my own ambition.


I want to change the sky color Once again

But it’s hard

I broke my respect 

Step out my zone

Hoping I can stand up afterward. 


The Snapshot 

I see Small sparkling eyes,

White skin

The scent of sakura perfumes.  


A girl with long shiny black hair

Small eyes and lighted makeup 

She Approached me.


Anyoeng haseyo

Looking left and then right, 

I smiled back.  


They took me to place

Where flowers bloom

Reminding me of nothing 

At hometown.


The sky without stars

Plant without seeds

Books without page

All the definition of me

Carelessly Left my heart at Iraq

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